How To Remove Windows 7 Gadgets

It may be surprising for many, especially those who just love the gadgets feature that comes with Windows 7 but there are some who would like to remove this option because they do not use any of the gadgets at all. What happens is that the gadgets only take up a lot of space on the system and it limits the other things that can be downloaded on the gadget.

If ever you like to remove the Windows 7 Gadgets from your computer, here are some methods that can help you out:

The 1st method is actually pretty simple, you have to uninstall from the menu.

  - Make sure that you will close the gadget from the side of your screen.</li>
  - Right click anywhere on the desktop and look for ‘Gadgets.’</li>
  - When the ‘Gadgets’ button opens, click on the gadgets there and click uninstall.</li>
  - This will uninstall the gadgets.

There are instances however when this method might not work so another option is to do the 2nd method. The 2nd method involves removing the gadgets manually.

  - Go to My Computer.
  - Click on Local Disk (C :).
  - Go to Users.
  - Go to your own user account.
  - Click on App Data and choose Local.
  - Various folders will now appear on screen so you can click on Microsoft.
  - Search for Windows Sidebar and click on ‘Gadgets.’
  - Click on the name of the gadget that you would like to remove and press delete.

This will help take out the gadget from your computer.

If you would like another method that can still help in removing the gadgets from your computer, this is the 3rd method that you can try which involves disabling the gadget sidebar.

  - Open up Control Panel.
  - Look for the Programs and Features and click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  - Look for Windows Gadget Platform and uncheck the box on the side.
  - Click ‘Ok.’

Do remember that if you choose this method, Windows 7 Gadgets are still installed in your computer. This is the perfect option to do if you are a bit unsure with whether you are going to need the gadgets in the future.

With all of these methods in mind, removing or at least disabling the gadgets features of your Windows 7 computer can be quite easy. After you have done these methods, you will have a clear and smooth looking interface minus the gadgets usually placed on the side of the screen.

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