How To Install Gadgets In Windows 8

The Windows Store Apps of Windows 8 have changed a lot about how the Windows OS works right now. In the past, there were gadgets and applications needed in order to give people the convenience that they need. From calendars, alarm clocks and even some search tools, these were the gadgets that people downloaded before.

Admittedly, even though the upgrades in Windows 8 are okay, there are a lot of people who wish that those gadgets can be downloaded again because some of them can really be helpful and can be of great convenience for a lot of people. What if you would be told that installing gadgets on your computer that is powered by Windows 8 is possible? Will you gladly take the chance?

8GadgetPack is the best thing that you can download to your computer. It has a lot of various gadgets that you can use. This also includes the gadgets from Windows 7 that you have always loved. Once you download it on your computer, you will also be able to download other gadgets that you please. Are you already sold on the idea of having your entire past Windows gadget on your desktop? The installation of the gadgets will be the last thing that you have to do.

How to Install Gadgets in Windows 8

Installing 8GadgetPack

To install here are some steps you have to follow:

Download 8GadgetPack

Make sure that the setup wizard will appear because this will make things so much easier. Just be patient because this program has a lot of gadgets so it will take a long time before everything will be downloaded.

Wait for the download to be complete and click finish.

Once you click finish, you can already see all the gadgets that you have downloaded. If there are some gadgets that you do not like, you can easily remove them.

To install the gadgets that you like, go to the gadget file and click install.

You can then start using the gadgets that you like just like in past editions of Windows.

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